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The Electric UniverseThe Electric Universe


To me the workshop was a big succses. I have made new contacts to many scientists.

Take your time and look around:

you will find the draft programme of the workshop below postscript 122 KB | PDF file 18 KB

These were the topics of my report. See also a script on solar loops here

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Some pictures, which have been made during the workschop.
Click on them to enlarge, if you want to:
The royal prince of Jordan with me, who seems to be very interested in my book
Dr. Stee as chairman (on the left) and I as reporter of the solar loops.
The man in the center is Prof. Hamid, director of the astronomic faculty. His secretary, Fatina has her finger on the electric model of the solar loops. On his request, this model was presented to the faculty for demonstrations of the solar functions
Among those famous speakers was Prof. Lang, too. He listed 15 "crucial unsolved problems" of the solar astronomy. All of these "Unsolved Mysteries" were solved in my book by the application of the electric-universe-model.
I show movies aboput the solar eruptions for some students. Sometimes 10-15 of them wanted to see them They quickly understood these as electrical explosions. I got later more than 30 letters and E-Mails from them.
One of the assistant professors is also thankful to get my electric model of the solar loops (see sphere on the left) as a present.
Group picture of all, who attended the workshop
Press release at a jordan paper on its page. I do not know why was I choosen by all of the three newspaper which showed a picture of me on the workshop, but I am still impressed!