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First General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union in Nice 2004 April 25

The continents are moved by the moving ocean floors which are themselves moved by the emerging lava from the radioactive core of Earth. The conspicuous western-eastern moving of these floors (and therefore this directed moving of the continents) was not understood up to now. The cause should be the quick rotation of Earth.

The stripes in the bottom of the basin of the oceans (shown in beautiful colored poster on the right) probably move in western and eastern direction via lava whirls below them. These invisible whirls do not have accidental but directed axes. These whirls have automatically their axes parallel to the rotational axis of Earth due to the gyroscope effect. This ordered, parallel-moving lava below the ocean floors produces a low pressure which sucks down the ocean floor. A model for this Bernoulli-effect (see red square) was shown below the posters. A ping-pong ball on a cone was sucked down by the quickly upwards (!) flowing water.

My poster at Nice April 2004 see the Benoulli effect here

Venus does not have this ridge-system due to its very slow rotation. Its lava whirls are hotter but they cool the core ineffectively due to their disorientation. Huge periodic outbreaks is the result. The gyroscope-effect does not work in Venus but it makes life possible on Earth via the ridges.